In today’s time, where the audience’s attention span has dropped drastically, brands are on a constant hunt for content that can hold, engage, and convert their target audience into potential customers. So, one can say that marketers are looking for viral content that spreads everywhere and conquers the mind of the audience like coronavirus but in a positive way!

Let’s cut to the chase. Are you also itching to create a buzz on social media platforms that spreads like wildfire to make your brand a social media sensation?

Guess what? We have found a diamond in the gold mine for you!

Okay enough jokes and riddles, let’s skip to the good part: short videos!

In the recent past, we saw tremendous growth in short-form video format, all thanks to Tiktok and Snapchat which now have been picked up by other popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and YouTube is no exception with its ‘YouTube Shorts’.

This feature has gained great traction from the audience as 84% of people made their purchase decision based on the brand’s video. Moreover, the Short Video format performs well in terms of lead generation, and almost half of the marketers believe the short video format has the potential to go viral. A solid reason why IG reels are doing so well, hmm!

Point to be noted: We’re not saying this, just stating the stats!

What can be the psychic reasons for this?

  • We find it laborious to read lengthy textual content, thanks to our procrastinating nature! 
  • Motion, drama, and music catch our attention like wildfire. A reason why reels get thousands of impressions and great engagement.
  • In our so-called busy life, we want to grasp everything in a minute and I guess the short form video understood this assignment well!

How can you leverage the short-form video format for your brand?

To answer this question, we’re pouring in some more numbers. We know numbers are boring but not for your brand to go viral, right?

  • Your landing page is the window for shopping. Having a magnetic video increases the conversion rate by 80%. Yes, buddy that’s right! 
  • Failing to increase the visiting time on your page? Because there’s no video. Yes, 83% of marketers have noticed improved visiting time by incorporating video on their page.
  • Are sales going down when others are earning? You won’t believe it but marketers have boosted their sales 49% faster through short videos.
  • For Marketers, the key to happiness is great ROI, and guess which strategy is helping them out? 

Short videos! Yes, 87% of marketers are contented with their ROI and 93% believe it’s a key segment of their strategy. 

Well, we guess numbers aren’t that boring!

In what ways can you incorporate short videos in branding?

  • Behind-the-scene: As it excites and intrigues the audience
  • Product launch teaser: After all, what’s a better way to create buzz than a power-packed short and crisp video?
  • User Generated Content: Give your audience the spotlight and voila! You just unlocked brand rapport!
  • Influencer Marketing: Gone are days when static posts did wonder to influence the audience. It’s time to rule the heart and etch your brand name by incorporating short videos in your influencer marketing strategy.

This is your cue to storm the social media platforms with the best-performing content format because short and crisp is what today’s audience looking for. 

Oh, also don’t forget to balance the equilibrium of what’s trending and what’ll work for your business!