Do you get pop-up notifications of movies/series recommendations from Netflix or shopping recommendations from Myntra? Ever tried to connect the dots on how these apps show what we might be interested in? The simple answer is you’re the kingpin, and their marketing strategy is centered around you in a way that you feel a personal connection. 

To simplify it further, Personalization gives these brands the edge over those who market generically.

We guess this is the power of personalized marketing! 

But, but, but, don’t get swayed away by this because here’s a road blocker:

How to incorporate personalized marketing?

Obviously, you can’t keep sending personalized messages to each and every individual even if you work your fingers to the bone. And we cannot forget the day in the life of marketers who are akin to juggling, from making a daily schedule, checking emails, responding to pertinent ones, holding a morning huddle, monitoring campaign performance, scheduling social media posts, and so on and so much on the plate which sometimes makes them feel overwhelmed by the mound of tasks. 

So, how to offer a personalized experience to your audience?

Think, think, think!

Okay, you may be already exhausted from seeking the client’s approvals. 

Let us be your savior.

Here’s the real game changer of contemporary marketing: Marketing Automation!

Now, what’s this?

Have you ever delegated your work because your To-do list is full or you have higher priority tasks? What does it do? Saves your time without hindering the workflow, right? 

See marketing automation with the same lens. 

It streamlines your work by prioritizing, scheduling, and executing the marketing activities like planning and monitoring campaigns, social media marketing, and email marketing in a finagled manner. Aside from this, it does save you time by automating manual tasks and enabling you to curate customized messages for your prospects and customers. Also, it keeps a check on repetitive tasks.

Should SMEs go for Marketing Automation?

It’s no surprise that personalization is reigning and leveraging marketing automation is the key to driving engagement and boosting sales for SMEs to big brands. But, there’s a hesitation in SMEs, the reason being lack of expertise and the cost of automation tools. However, if we look at it closely, marketing automation is crucial for the growth of the business. 

Let’s know the how:

It’ll be boring, but valuable. So, keep reading!

  1. Helps in personalized communication which builds a rapport with the target audience and converts them into long-standing and loyal customers.
  1. Provides the insights (oh, again numbers) that are valuable to alter your marketing strategy: Since SMEs are budget constrained, justifying the ROI without data is quite impossible. But with marketing automation, you get quantifiable data to measure the marketing campaign’s effectiveness in terms of engagement, lead conversion, and sales.
  1. Helps generate leads and nurture: Dropping the stats, almost 46% of marketers are leveraging marketing automation to nurture leads. What’s the cue here?

The cue is SMEs can channel their resources into the automation tool rather than on hiring to score leads to identify prospective customers and the rest can be well managed by the sales team!

It’s time to bid adieu, we’ll leave with this. Although automation marketing is blooming because of its glorious track record of amplifying businesses by identifying, generating, and converting leads, you should keep all the aspects in mind while considering it for your business. No, we’re not trying to dissuade you.

As it’s seen that marketers often buy automation tools but are unable to use them effectively. Therefore, you should analyze its usability, and the expertise of your employees, and determine whether it matches your marketing objectives.