About Cozymate

Cozymate believes in delivering comfort to your doorstep. That’s why it’s recognized for superior quality, timely service, and long-standing customer relationships. The brand’s efforts lie in offering a new sleep experience built on quality materials and a commitment to your comfort and sound sleep.

How did we do?

We got the opportunity to re-brand a sleep essential brand that is a whiz in its domain.

The Objective:

To diversify the market segment of the brand by taking a step ahead from the B2B segment to the B2C segment.

The Insight:

For three decades, it has been offering premium quality sleep essentials. So, we decided to throw the limelight on its USPs, years of expertise, and benefits in a quirky way!

The How:

  • In the launch communication, a phased approach was taken to educate consumers about USPs and explain the benefits of the products. 
  • We revamped the website with SEO optimization since it adds credibility to the brand and allows for easy shopping.
  • Additionally, upgraded the e-commerce platforms with catchy and illustrative A+ content to highlight the key features and benefits. 
  • With quirky and catchy copies and ingenious designs, we seized attention and engagement via social media marketing.
  • To appeal to our TG and keep them engaged further, we created a quirky and caring influencer campaign for the brand in addition to offering the usual digital marketing services. 

The Services rendered:

  • Brand Awareness & Positioning: We took a cozy approach to boost brand awareness and position Cozymate as the household brand for sleep essentials.
  • Website Designing: We designed website 
  • Influencer Marketing:
  • Performance Marketing:
  • Ecommerce Advertising: 


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