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Jk Stone


JK Stone is MP’s only manufacturer of natural stone wall cladding with 30 years of expertise. With an expansive range of natural stones, they’re redefining residential and commercial spaces in collaboration with architects and interior designers.

How did we do:

Let’s see!

The Objective:

  • Uplift the brand visuals for engagement
  • Prompt lead generation
  • Transition from B2B TO B2C segment
  • Increase brand awareness among TG and the respective industry

The Insight:

For three decades, it has been offering premium quality sleep essentials. So, we decided to throw the limelight on its USPs, years of expertise, and benefits in a quirky way!

  • The visual language and personality of the brand were enhanced by toning the color theme and creatives to present the new communication and to conform to the positioning of the brand as the best choice for a forever beautiful home.

  • The strategic and quirky AD copies spoke to the TG directly conveying how natural stones seamlessly add elegance and protection to their home for years. Thus, nurturing valuable leads.

We incorporated:

  1. Regional Ads
  2. FB Lead Ads
  3. Festive Creatives
  4. FB Retargeting
  • Once a B2B brand, we expanded the business segment to B2C through the festive campaign and addressed the pain points with an exquisite solution.
  • We re-connected the brand with the industry, a long-lost connection through our fierce back-end SMM game.

The Services rendered:

  • Social Media Marketing: Leveraging the power of social media, we reached potential customers and generated valuable queries.
  • Social Media Advertising: Gingerly planned and designed ad campaigns around festivals to give a beautiful option for revamping homes.
  • Brand Awareness: With the right mix of creativity and info-based posts, we re-designed the feed to boost brand awareness.
  • Lead generation: To fulfill the brand’s objective, we targeted the audience regionally and nurtured potential leads.