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How did we do?

Meet India’s only Adda serving a legion of 75+ lip-smacking momo. Having served the first plate of scrumptious momo in Gwalior in 2018, Momo Adda has expanded to offer 75+ varieties of momo pan-India today.

But, it wasn’t built in a day! Two young minds came up with Momo Adda, and we turned it into a digital success story.

The Objective:

  • Brand awareness through social media
  • Reaching the right audience
  • Franchise lead generation
  • Convey the brand’s message in a quirky way

The How:

  • We spent time getting under the skin of Momo Adda to understand what they are, what they do, and what their USPs are. Keeping all the aspects in mind, we came up with a quirky and peppy logo that spoke volumes about the brand.
  • SEO-optimized and user-friendly website with catchy graphics and persuasive and ingenious copy, we roped in people to relish authentic tastes with bustling flavors while maintaining the brand tonality.
  • Product Packaging is a way of conveying the brand story to customers without saying a word. Thus, we narrated Momo Adda’s story through eclectic and invigorating packaging to seize the customer’s attention.
  • Social Media Management: We created a quirky, young, and flavorful brand personality that resonated with today’s foodies for higher footfalls in outlets.
  • Brand awareness: We took the audience on a toothsome journey loaded with humor and aligned to brand tonality to increase brand awareness.
  • Influencer Marketing: Today, influencing is the way to steal the audience’s attention. We tapped into influencer marketing for better engagement.
  • Brand positioning & packaging: We grabbed foodies’ attention and space in their IG stories and posts with ingenious package designing, thus ensuring strong brand positioning in today’s millennials and Gen Z.
  • Communications and Marketing: Apart from usual digital marketing, we expanded Momo Adda pan India with smart marketing communications.
  • Website Design: We sprinkled flavors of SEO, creativity, and brand values and made the website user-friendly & drooling.