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For modern party junkies, Monk-E is the BFF to keep the hangover at bay. That’s how we define the anti-hangover drink brand: Monk-E.

The Objective:

Monk-E saw the bizarre effect of alcohol and how it hindered today’s millennials. So, they decided to cheer with alcohol and kick out the hangover.

How we achieved this mission impossible?

The How:

  • We poured in the right amount of creativity in designing the Monk-E logo that’s funky, brand tuned, and appealed to the TG.
  • We also love partying! So, we cheered the humorous launching of Anti-hangover drinks by designing an engaging and eye-catching feed.
  • That’s not it. We had virtual drinks with influencers to influence party junkies to kick-out Mr. Hangover in an easy way.
  • To make the shopping experience smooth, we revamped the brand website with a pinch of funkiness and humor.

The Services rendered:

  • Brand Awareness: We’re dead serious about work but for this one, we let our party soul add a hint of creativity to position the brand among the TG.
  • Logo Designing: Logo speaks volumes about the brand. So, we tweaked ingeniousness while keeping it minimal and eye-catchy.
    Influencer Marketing: Roped in the power of influencing to make people groove without being hungover.
  • Website Designing: We rolled up our sleeves and delivered a hangover-free and smooth user-friendly website.
  • Performance Marketing: Through a series of quirky and engaging ad copies, we reached the right audience.