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Sorted is a global platform backed by AI to monetize your skills, professional expertise, and hobbies from your comfort cocoon. A disruptive medium that has turned the world into a global village with experts right at your fingertips.

The Objective:

  • Enhancing Brand Awareness
  • Brand Positioning
  • Garnering Leads

The How:

  • The brand proposition was not as sorted as the brand goes by (did we say pun intended!), instead it was anew, clear, minimal, and more sorted.
    The minimal way that makes you stop & look again!
  • Feed is what holds the attention and our visualizers are good at stealing that. With minimal designs and color uniformity, we created an absorbing brand image via feed design.
  • With the intent to tick all the objectives of Sorted, we played at the backend in a sorted yet ferocious way. We amped up the SMM game to create strong brand awareness and generate leads while maintaining the brand tonality!
  • The words spread faster than anything. Keeping a minimal approach at the forefront, we curated content that drove traffic and aligned with the brand.

The Services Rendered:

  • Feed Designing: Creatives bespoke brand tone and values in an ingenious way!
  • Content Marketing: Minimal wordplay made a huge impact, ticking off the brand objectives.
    Performance Marketing: With a disruptive marketing strategy, we nurtured the potential leads.
  • Brand Positioning: We kept it sorted and minimal to position Sorted to grab the attention of the audience.